KAA Australia proudly supports the DBNG.

The Managing Director of KAA Australia is Mr. Kostas Augerinos.

Ms. Stephanie Giannis from KAA Australia is the current Chair/Treasurer of the DBNG.

KAA Australia is a team of financial experts who are passionately committed to providing exceptional results for individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs.

The goal of KAA Australia is the personal, financial and business success of its clients. The team at KAA Australia can assist with specific advice tailored to a client’s unique situation. The experience, qualifications and 20 year proven track record of the team at KAA Australia will make all the difference to a client’s financial outcomes.

The services KAA Australia offers are:

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Advisory
  • Business Solutions
  • Finance
  • Capital
  • Investment
  • Education

Additional insight into HOW KAA helps transform financial outcomes for people…

KAA is a hub for all your financial needs as a Business Owner/Entrepreneur.

Accounting/Tax/Advisory: Kostas Augerinos and Associates are tax agents, ASIC agents and accountants who will assist you for all of your accounting, taxation compliance, corporate structuring and business advisory needs.

Finance: KAA Finance are ASIC licensed finance brokers and finance advisers who will assist you with your finance needs.

Investment: KAA Entrepreneurs Group is a Group of like minded high wealth individual investors who look for opportunities to invest in businesses and projects that represent good returns for a reasonable and manageable level of risk.

Capital: KAA Venture Capital is a company that focuses on identifying and conducting due diligence on businesses and projects that have a high level of certainty of growth and capability to deliver this growth.

Education: Entrepreneurs Academy is a resource centre for all who are interested in improving their business mindset, business and personal skills and their overall financial performance, whether they be currently business owners and entrepreneurs, or those who would like to be.


Kostas Augerinos, Managing Director

p. 02 9299 2555

e. info@kaaa.com.au

w. www.kaaa.com.au


Deirdre O’ Loghlin Managing Director of The Queen of Spin branding agency supports the Double Bay Networking Group.

Deirdre is also Vice Chair/PRO for the Double Bay Networking Group.

Deirdre is also a member of the Woollahra Council’s Double Bay Working Party, the Haymarket Chamber of Commerce and the Sydney East Business Chamber & District Business Chamber.


Deirdre O’ Loghlin

Managing Director

The Queen of Spin

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m. 0417485690

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